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    how to Access monthly report

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    Just received notifications of a monthly report from the Deco app. Nice. Displaying in the app it gives a summary type report with the comment above of "See the key statistics below". This leads me to believe there is a more detailed report available somewhere. If so, how do I access it?

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    I checked that already, the monthly report only appears in the notification, and the Deco App needs user authorization to show corresponding notifications in the notification bar. It can be set up under Settings -> Notifications on the phone.

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    I have the notifications set and I did receive the monthly report as a notification. But it says "See the key statistics below". This lead me to believe there was a more detailed report available. For instance it shows the "Time spent on Top 3" I thought maybe there was a more detailed report that shows time spent on all devices. It shows there were "17 malicious attacks blocked" I thought there might be a more detailed report to show what the malicious attacks were. Thanks for posting.

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    I am afraid there is no more detailed report, I don't see that either...


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