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    Why does the whole network die if there's no internet connection?

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    Something I've noticed. The Deco doesn't maintain an internal network if the internet goes down. Is this supposed to happen?

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    I have same behaviour with my Deco's. If ISP/Internet down, Wifi is also down - think this is a bug

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    WiFi will disappear? that is so strange, you may check whether the firmware is the latest one

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    yes I am on latest firmware - when ISP down, led's turn red and WIFI connectivity/connections are not working anymore.

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    The main Deco is on default router mode or AP mode?

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    router mode

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    I heard that wifi only disappear when wan IP address becomes that's how it is designed but I don't really understand why. Maybe you can give them feedback.

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    I can confirm this issue I also experienced it a couple of times.

    Maybe there is a good reason for it to do it when wan becomes but would be very handy that the network can recover automatically.

    Maybe it is possible to build in an "auto-retry" every x minutes or so.


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