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    Archer VR2600 and Apple TV

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    I have an Archer VR2600 Firmware Version:1.4.0 0.8.0 v0050.0 Build 160518 Rel.50944n

    I am trying to use an Apple TV Generation 4 (Original and 4K Version) with the router.

    I have tried over both WiFi and Ethernet and neither work correctly. Some things work fine such as listing movies etc, however when you go to play something it fails.

    Has anyone else experienced the same issue?



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    is there any other devices like computers, mobile devices working fine? if so, you'd better contact the TV support to check whether it needs any other settings

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    Have you tried reseting the router back to factory defaults and setting it up again? This can be really useful especially if the firmware has been upgraded in the past.

    Have you enabled IPV6 but your provider does not support this? It may be the Apple TV is trying to access via IPV6 but as now address is available it fails.


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