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    Exclamation EAP 120: Windows 8 and 10 freeze after connection to the wifi (with EAP Controller)

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    Hi all.
    i have a problem.

    I have deployed 2 EAP 120 and i have updated the firmware to the (EU)_V1_160405 in order to use them with EAP controller.

    I'm experiencing since then some problems of deconnection of the Ap and problem in adopt.

    Recently, i was obliged to hard reset the AP.
    And after that, when computer with windows 8 and 10 try to connect to the wifi, they freeze (sometimes immediately, or after a moment).
    The computers under windows 7 are not involved.

    Here is a brief detail about the architecture:
    - Acces points firmware:
    - EAP controller version: 2.4.7
    - Presence of router: Yes (TP Link WR940 N) which is DHCP server
    - Additional information: use of MAC filtering

    Hop that you could help me to solve this problem....
    It is a little urgent for me.

    Thanks a lot

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    Ok. Thank you for sharing


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