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I'm having an issue with TL-WA5210G High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE. The thing is that everything works on shorter Ethernet CAT 5e (~ around 1 to 3 meters) from the PoE injector to the CPE or from main internet provider router to poE injector. I could ping the CPE ( and can also access the web login. But when I try to put a longer cable like 15m and 25m, there is no connectivity nor I can ping the CPE. All I see is the power LED and no other light activities. Those longer cable is well tested with cable tester and I can use it to connect to other PCs and routers. I've tried with nearly 5 or 6 longer cables around 10 to 20 meters of cable and those all fail but with shorter ones it still works. I've tried Cat 5e and Cat 6 and still fails. don't know if its a problem with the CPE or the power injector or the cables or is there any configuration for longer cable runs ??