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    Problems with 850RE

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    Tonight for the first time in a long while I had to reset the 850RE upon doing so I have continually got no internet, open under the TP Link network heading. Since I live in an apartment complex I piggy back off my neighbor so I dont use the WPS function i choose to use an ethernet cable. Tonight I followed this process...

    1. Plugged 850RE into wall
    2. Disconnected laptop from the internet
    3. Plugged the ethernet chord into the extender and laptop
    4. Waited for it to get to the setup page

    A few times tonight it did take me to the setup page but the connection would be lost during the process of getting the extender ready, all the other times it wouldnt even go that far. I am using 850RE vers. 1.20 with windows 10. On the extender the lights have always blinked on wireless, and ethernet and the one in the middle remained solid. All other lights never came on. Any help would be appriciated I hope this can be fixed, any test u may need me to run will have to be explained because I dont know how to do alot of technical things on the pc. Again thanks for your time.

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    Normally, after you connect the PC to the extender via cable and disconnect internet, you need to open the web browser and type in or tplinkrepeater.net to get the configuration page.
    And you can also use other devices, or connect to the TP-LINK_Extender wifi instead of using an Ethernet cable.
    Can refer to this link to set it up: http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-698.html

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    Okay so I did what u said even though I did it the other night before posting...

    1. I plugged the extender into the wall
    2. I waited till the wireless light was blinking and the power light was solid
    3. Turned the wifi connection off on my laptop
    4. Connected the ethernet cable to the extender and then to the laptop
    5. Waited for TP Link to show up in contacts and connected...

    At this point windows did its thing and I typed in the IP address you provided and this is basically what it says...

    This site cant be reached, refused to connect, and down at the bottom it said ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. I didnt go to the repeater address u provided because I figured I would just get the same result. I am honestly thinking now that the extender is shot. Could this be a possibility?

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    You may try the factory reset again: with the extender powered on, press and hold the reset for about 10s until all the lights flash once and go off, then connect your device to the extender either by ethernet cable or through TP-LINK extender WiFi(DON'T connect your device to your router, that's what I was doing wrong before), then I successfully got into the setup page


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