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    My W702N-Problem

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    I have created a little Client/Server App. On the Server-side I use a WR702N in Access-Point-Mode. I have given a new SSID, a static IP ( and left DHCP untouched (Enable), and the W702N is plugged to the Ethernet-Port.
    On a second Computer resides the Client Software and through WiFi it tries to connect to the Server. It uses for the connection. This works!!
    Related to the tp-link documentation to set up an access-point, DHCP should be Disabled!!
    Can someone help me in finding out what I'm doing wrong? The point is, this approach does not work with WR802N! So there must be something wrong with my approach.
    As I'm not the Router-Nerd at all, I thought I better ask the experts.
    Maybe AP-Mode is the wrong mode for my system at all?
    Another effect I've seen: When Server/Client communication is done and I remove the WR702N, the Systray-Icon for Network shows an "unidentified Network" (Win 7,10), besides my standard internet-router. Are there ways to erase this message? The solution so far is a total restart of the computer.
    Hope there is a good soul with the right answers to help me!
    Best regards
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    Again my problem with WR702N, WR802N

    Hi Experts,
    maybe my description before was a bit intensive.
    Let me come back to my basic question:
    On the Server side I have a static IP on the LAN port (
    My Client (on another PC...) tries to connect to the Server via WLAN (WiFi)to the static IP of the Server.
    WR702/802N is plugged to the Server-PC's LAN port

    How to set the WR702/802N so that this TCP/IP connection can be established?

    As I described before - I tried AP-Mode but it seems not the right way.
    Please help someone not familiar in this area!

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    How about client mode? connect the 702/802 to the client PC. In that case, the client and the server will be in the same network

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    Hi flying snow,
    thanks for your reply!
    Maybe there is a little missunderstanding related to my maybe "not-so-clear-description"!
    I have a self-written software creating a system of server and client.
    The center-point of the system is the Server (what I call it...). More than one Client can connect to the Server.
    Once connected to the Server, the Client transfers its IP and other identification to the Server so it knows exactly who has send the request.
    By the way - the PC that runs the Server software turns it's IP to "static" (done by my software).
    The Client (the other PC via WLAN) tries to connect to this known (while static...) IP.
    The job of the router is simply to pass the connect-request to the Server-PC (Lan-Port).
    The Server then holds a list of all connected Clients. The Person sitting in front of the Server-PC can then select out of the list the Client, he want's to communicate with. That's the basic function of my system.
    The use of a router inbetween goes back to the experience that different PC's (Laptops) have a WLAN-power that varies too much. So a router inbetween makes the system more stable.
    From that point I doubt to be able to use Client-Mode. Let me know your point of view!
    Best Regards

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    As fas as I know, client mode is wirelessly connect to your main wifi network and then you can connect the PC to the WR802N and get internet.
    For your
    self-written software creating a system of server and client, it is hard to say can work or not , we are not familiar with your server.
    And I think this mini router need to work with some a router or something that has DHCP when it in client mode or AP mode

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    Hi flying snow,
    I think I got it working now!
    I put it in AP-Mode, with "SmartIP". Then it passes on the request from client to server and vice versa!
    I don't know exactly why it works, but as long ....
    I think I can close this thread.
    Thank you for your input so far!

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    try to reset your router
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