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    Question NC450 White Screen on Firefox / Chrome on Mac OSX

    hey there,
    i just done the new update of the cam, and the controls seem to be much better.
    i also got the cam started again via DynDNS and acessable via hostname/ip-adress.
    when i login via ip-adress (not tplinkcloud) i can see the liveview with safari perfectly.

    but when i do this with firefox or chrome, i can login, but the camfield is white.
    it seems at startup that something want to load, but then nothing happens.
    the controls, menue and everything is there, but not the liveview field?

    whats could be the problem with that?

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    Did you try another computer? Do you have this issue with chrome and firefox as well? How about clear the cache of the browser? Make sure they are the latest version.

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    Hey, i just try out my home pc (windows 7).
    > internet explorer its not working / no login
    > firefox login possible, screen white
    > chrome login possible, screen white

    so, exactly the same effects as on OSX (another PC).
    it seems that the brwosers need a special plugin from you.

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    as i tested this again, yes, this effect is on Mac and Windows!
    BUT, only via dyndns (webhost), when i login via ip-adress it works fine.

    so there must be somthing get lost, between ip and dynamic host?!
    any suggestions? i already have opened port 8080 - 8081 at home

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    did you open port 80 and 8080? You may keep the internal port and external port to be the same

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    i dont know how to do it internal (fritzbox),
    but here its how it looks like on my ports,
    and what it looks like in browser (firefox).

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    Name:  Web.jpg
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