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    Exclamation Archer T4UH v1 Windows 10 driver super buggy

    Model : T4UH AC1200

    Hardware Version : Version 1

    Firmware Version : 151201 (Latest Windows 10 driver, released in 2015)

    ISP : Comcast

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    The driver takes up 7 gigabytes. The adapter shows up as an 802.11n adapter even though the speeds are higher than 802.11n speeds in network and sharing center. What's up???
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    My Archer T2U has exactly the same issue. It seems to be the display problem, the speed is good, so it should be 11ac, not sure why, but it should be OK just display wrongly.

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    Attachment 6109

    Quick update, I removed and reinstalled the driver and the size increased to 12.5 Gigabytes!! Woop woop!

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    Mh. I currently get no fast connection with my Archer T4U v2. The TP Link's website driver seems to be buggy / not working on Windows 10. I have only 1-3Mbit connection speed (measured through a speedtest).

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    maybe you can try the same way like Johnb did

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    Are you plugged into a USB 2.0 port? Adapter will be slower unless it's in a USB 3/SS (usually blue) port. The driver works fine for me, just has an ENORMOUS file size. Since you're in Windows 10 you can go into PC settings and reset them too. Might fix it.

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    (Click Link)

    I made an updated driver using the latest code from Realtek, using it and it's working well. "Wireless N" is now Wireless AC in the task manager and it runs MUCH faster! Longer range, too. Driver only takes up a few megabytes.
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    Thank you very much for the packaging johnb_xp. Working well for me.

    The fact that a user's release is working way better than the official one kind of show the level of support the company has (not) put into this product..

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    Today after logging into Windows 10, my bluetooth mouse quit working. You can use your smart device to secure your Windows 10 computer by means of a feature recognized as Dynamic Lock if you're running Windows 10 Creators Update. How to enter bios windows 10


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