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    Thumbs up RE450 full power in Cable poor power in 5Ghz

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

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    Model: RE450

    Hardware Version: 1.0

    Firmware: Latest

    First of all, sorry for my bad english. That is not my main language. So, lets go:

    I have two RE450 EU versions, wich one is 1.0 and another 1.1, working together. They are both connected to my netgear R7000 router. My internet connection is 200 / 100mbps.

    So, I'm using my computer to connect in a wired connection to RE450. They are running on full speed, no problems here. But when I connect my Galaxy S8 in 5GHZ band, in the same repeater, the connection just dont fly. The speed is stuck at 60 / 103mbps. The upload band is working fine in 5Ghz, but download speed are just bad. And when I move to my router room, the Galaxy S8 gets full speed in 5Ghz. So it can not be a poor signal, because my computer is getting full speed in the same band.

    I dont know what else i can try ... I try to change channels (i'm using CH161), changing to 157, 153, 149 ... No success. I try to change the firmware version, no success as well. I just cant understand why my computer gets full speed and my cellphone do not.

    It 's blowing my mind and I do not know what else I can do.

    Any ideas are welcome.

    Thank you in advance.

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    The wifi speed depends on the link speed between the router/extender and the devices. So it will be better if you can check the link speed on your phone when it is connected to the router and when it's connected to the extender. Since the computer can get full speed from your extender, the extender should be good. It's better to check the link speed first.
    Can google how to check wifi link speed on your phone

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    The wifi link speed on samsung s8 is 866mbps. On computer, 1gbps.

    But i think the problem is on the stock firmware. In a last try, i changed to dd wrt firmware in R7000. Like a magic, the phone starts to pull 200/100 link, same on computer. What i dont know is what are diferent between the firmwares, because i almost didin't do too much alterations.

    Actually, i change the mw power of "auto" to 100mw. I cant do that at stock firmware.

    So it is this. Thank you.


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