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    AV1200 slow performance

    Model : TL-PA8030PKIT

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : Shaw (Canada)[/COLOR]

    I have what I would consider slow performance on my powerline connection.
    My network is cable modem, with one connection to an Archer C7, and the other to the AV1200 powerline kit that feeds to another C7 in the basement, some hardware version and firmware version.
    On a Win10 system connected by cable to the upstairs C7, I get ~176 Mbps down.
    On a Win10 system connected by cable to the downstairs C7, I get ~40 Mbps down.
    This difference has been consistent across multiple tests using a variety of servers on speedtest.net.
    The house is about 10 years old.

    Any thoughts on why the severe degradation in throughput?

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    What's the physical bandwidth on the PLC line (as shown by the tpPLC utility)?

    Also, if these are 8030P V1, early firmware did show rather miserable throughput. Try an update - or, if you still can, return and exchange them for V2. The V1 hardware has apparently been abandoned from further firmware updates - even though a beta has been available recently, the public release is still stuck on ancient.

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    What is the firmware version? It's displayed in the tpPLC utility.

    SmallNetBuilder testing obtained 100-300Mbs on these so your first result is OK. Your 40Mbits might just be due to distance / quality of wiring. Make sure you plug directly into wall sockets and never into multi-gang extension cables.

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    Updated results

    Thanks both of you for your thoughts and advice.

    The utility is showing ~236-254 Mbps, variable.
    I'm plugged directly into the wall at both ends, and have tried unplugging other things around each adapter to check if that improves the noise level, but it hasn't made a difference.
    I'm running firmware. I tried to load the V2 FW and it wouldn't let me.

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    ... which is exactly my point. V1 firmware hasn't been updated for ages, still running on the original (and not very good) Qualcomm core 2.0.0. V2 is on 2.2.3 currently, while Qualcomm themselves (and some vendors) are already on 2.4.0.

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    Are your cable modem and router plugged into pass-thru power socket ?
    Another quick way to verify is to plug the two powerline side by side and test.

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    And bear in mind that best case performance for these adaptors is about 1/3 to 1/4 the best case physical speed so the best actual speed should be Circa 160 mbps...

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    My speedtest results.

    Download Speed: 227 Mbps (28.375 MB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 215 Mbps (26.875 MB/sec transfer rate)

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    That's very good then - better than the tests on the SmallNetBuilder review.


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