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    NC-200: Publish video feed (without password)

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    Hi folks,

    I just got my new NC-200 webcam. So far it's looking like a nice camera that almost suits all my needs. The only problem I have is that I'd like to publish the video feed (webcamip:8080/stream/getvideo) without a password.
    As a result I'd like to integrate the feed via iframe in a webpage. The problem is, that chrome doesn't accept iframes with URLs including basic auth (i.e. http://admin:YWRtaW4=@webcamip:8080/stream/getvideo)

    Who can help me setting up the cam?


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    Here is the URL path for NC200: http://admin:YWRtaW4=@IP:8080/stream/getvideo, not so sure whether it is what you need because it needs build-in login account


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