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    AVM Fritzbox as client of TL-ER6020

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    My configuration is as follows
    VDSL - VDSL Modem (Draytek Vigor130) - TL-ER6020 router - AVM Fritzbox 7360 - Telephone

    The fritzbox is the switch and modem for the VOIP.
    In general case Fritzbox is connected to VDSL. Now I need to connect the fritzbox as client in the local network. For VOIP Fritzbox manual tells that an autoimatic portforwarding needs to be implemented:

    [h=3]Statische Portweiterleitung einrichten / implement static port forwarding[/h]Do this only in case , if your router does not support outomatic port forwarding:
    Note: Information how to set up may be received by manufacturer of router or manual.

    1. set up in your router the static port forwarding of any UDP-Ports >= 1024 (e.g. 6078-6097) to ports 7078-7109 of FRITZ!Box.
    2. set up in your router the static port forwarding of any UDP-Ports = 5060 to port 7060 of FRITZ!Box.ein.

    The TL-ER6020 does not allow to forward any ports and I did not find automatic port forwarding neither.

    Without portforwarding dialing and ringing is possible but talking lines are dead.

    How is ist possible to connect Fritzbox VOIP as cliant at TL-ER6020.

    Any Idea is appreciated

    Thank you


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    Have you tried to set it up as a virtual server?


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