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    Unhappy problem with NC250 and camera control and RE200 extender

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    Hi guys,

    i have problem with this combination. i have 5 unit of TP NC250 camera hooked around the house. hosting PC is also on wifi, i tried the 5ghz band and the 2.4ghz band.

    1) standard setup with Asus Router RT-N66, the camera NC250 to be used at certain corner of my home where the Wifi is around 50% strength.

    outcome 1:
    a) intermittent connection error to random cameras but most of the time affecting the the weakest camera.
    b) TP link camera control app crashes intermittently without symptom. maybe because of random disconnection of the connection to the camera.

    2) i tried installing the range extender TP link RE-200 hopefully boost the connection to further distance.

    same with outcome 1
    TP NC250 showed exactly same power before installing the range extender. even i tried setting up the range extender using different SSID. during setup, detect as full bar but the status showed only 50%.
    still interminently connection drop and crashing of tplink camera control app.

    i suspecting there's a problem with the firmware when connection is weaker. or the tplink camera control app is buggy when multiple connection drop causes the app to crash.

    please help....

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    1. Camera Control app will communicate with the camera in LAN, so you can view the video as long as they are both connected to the router (even there is no internet).
    Did you check the tpCamera App on your phone? Will they lose connection on the app as well?
    Make sure your other devices can connect to the router and the connection is stable.
    Make sure your router can handle all of your devices at the same time, and the bandwidth is enough for camera streaming.

    2.How far is the extender to the router when it shows 50%?
    Can put the extender at the middle place of the router and camera to get better signal.

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    right now i've switched the computer to use LAN cable instead of WIFI. the connection is more stable, i get more consistent frame rate longer.

    but i still suffer from 2 issue..
    - the software crashes when any of the camera loses connection randomly.
    - the software freezes when i left is there recording and when it doesn't crash. few of the camera freezes and one working fine.

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    only one camera recording... the rest got frozen... mobile app is working fine... all camera is active.. just not recording.

    close the software and re-open back.. everything went back normal. but it's annoying.
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    I have the same problem as "alchemis". TPLINK Camera Control crashes after few minutes when a camera get disconected, but android app works well. I have the last firmware of NC450 (i have 4 cameras).
    The ones that have poor signal got disconected and the software crashes. Instead of looking for the camera to reconect, it crashes.


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