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    Default to 'off' for 'On from power source'

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    I live in an area with frequent power cuts, because of this the bulbs keep coming back on at night (when the electricity comes back on), which wakes me up. Is there anyway to default to 'off' when this happens? I can set it to default to 1%, but the lights are right above my bed, so even that 1% is enough to wake me up.

    Can the bulbs remember their last state and not just their last on state?

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    It seems that cannot be changed, it must be on after power failure

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    if it happens all the time through the night, maybe you could workaround it by setting a schedule that keeps turning off the light all through the night
    so do the 1% together with a lot 'off' schedules

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    As a matter of fact I suggest utilizing power source enhanced. Along these lines you'll have long battery life when unplugged and elite when connected to assignment writing service. You should investigate what the settings involve as opposed to depending on what is the plant default, in light of the fact that there may be alterations that you need to make.


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