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    Angry Web navigation problem with TL-MR6400 4G router

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    Hi everybody,

    i have a strange problem with a TL-MR6400 4G router (version v2 1.0.12 Build 170519 Rel.48649n).

    I use it on an Ethernet LAN (no wifi connection on the router) and use the 4G connection to go on internet.

    Here's the problem : When the router starts, everything is ok during 15 minutes. After, we can't go on the web (timeouts on the browsers), but pings on the DNS or the web servers are still OK !
    If I reboot, it's good again for about 15 minutes...

    Do you know what can be the problem ?

    Thanks in advance.



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    If you can ping the DSN and web server, the internet should be OK. Can you ping the IP of the router Can you log into the interface of the router via IP address or domain?
    If not, it seems the router died when it drops connection.
    BTW, if you put the SIM card into your phone directly, do you have this issue?
    Maybe you can contact tplink support. Send email to support.tp-link.com, or call the hotline for help.

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    thanks for your reply.

    I can ping the router and log into the interface on his IP
    On my phone the SIM card works perfectly...


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    Here i'm directly connected on the router with my computer and don't have any problem. It seems happen when the full LAN is connected to the router (about 10 computers).

    Do you think it can be a problem of TCP sessions wich can reach a maximum value when the full LAN is connected ?




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