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Thread: sky fibre

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    sky fibre

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    does anybody know if i can use a tp link router with sky fibre? if so what router? thanks
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    If you connect the PC to the sky fibre via Ethernet cable, and the PC gets internet, then you can connect a router to the sky fibre.
    It depends on your bandwidth and the function you need, normally any router can do if above works.

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    i want to replace the sky sr102 with a tp link one, can this be done as i know some routers dont support sky vdsl ect?

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    the SR102 is just a router or a modem router combined? if it is just a router, you may replace it with a computer and check whether computer can get internet without the router, if it is a modem router combined, you may need to contact Sky to check yours is ADSL or VDSL line and get setup info such as connection type, VPI/VCI, username and password. my friend had the problem before but ISP doesn't allow him to use other modem so they don't give him necessary info to set up new modem

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    Thanks a lot for the updates

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    If you connect the PC to the sky fiber via Ethernet cable, and the PC gets internet, then you can connect a router to the sky fibre.

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    The people above are talking about you piggybacking the SR102 connection, not replacing the SR102 completely. To piggyback you would have to change to wireless router mode only. But that kind of defeats the purpose of having a top of the line router which is meant to replace the SKY SR102. I am in the same boat as you, I thought it would replace the SR 102. But it seems even with the SKY MER VDSL settings it will not connect.

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    Good news for SKY FIBRE people like me. I got it working. The trick was to first leave the Archer VR2800 connected to the phone line for 10mins, factory restart it. Then use PC not phone app to connect as it allows you to put in username and password. So you can use the fake@skydsl and whatever as password. You do not need to do the whole wireshark rubbish obatining username and passwords anymore.This connected for me using the SKY (MER) VDSL protocol. Finally all working and better connection.

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    Tremendous answer sir. It will solve thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pauls009 View Post
    Tremendous answer sir. It will solve thread.
    can't agree more ~

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    Just as a bonus it is also possible to setup the IPV6 using this method as well although it is very well hidden within the TP link menus. Not where you would usually think it should be. You have to modify your connection and add the ability there. THEN it works.

    Hope this helps anyone in my situation.
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    good sharing!

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    i was also having the same issue. thanks for the answers.


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