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Thread: sky fibre

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    sky fibre

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    does anybody know if i can use a tp link router with sky fibre? if so what router? thanks

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    If you connect the PC to the sky fibre via Ethernet cable, and the PC gets internet, then you can connect a router to the sky fibre.
    It depends on your bandwidth and the function you need, normally any router can do if above works.

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    i want to replace the sky sr102 with a tp link one, can this be done as i know some routers dont support sky vdsl ect?

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    the SR102 is just a router or a modem router combined? if it is just a router, you may replace it with a computer and check whether computer can get internet without the router, if it is a modem router combined, you may need to contact Sky to check yours is ADSL or VDSL line and get setup info such as connection type, VPI/VCI, username and password. my friend had the problem before but ISP doesn't allow him to use other modem so they don't give him necessary info to set up new modem

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    Thanks a lot for the updates


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