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    TL-WA901ND Iphone Internet Disconnect Problem

    Firmware Version: 3.16.9 Build 160929 Rel.37753n
    Hardware Version: WA901ND v5 00000000

    I have TL-WA901ND and I use it as Universal Repeater. When I connect it with my windows pc everything is good but when I connect with my Iphone 6s, time to time internet disconnect when it still connect to wifi. Do you have a solution as known for iphone ? I tried most of settings but still same.
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    Will you lose connection if you connect to any other wifi on your iPhone 6s? Such as connect to your router's wifi directly?<br>Windows PC works fine means the wifi is good.<br>&nbsp;

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    When I connect to any other wifi, no problem with my iphone. After I run my access point starting connection lose.

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    same problem as you

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    How many devices are connected to the access point? And is there any other device drops connection?
    Kindly put the phone closer to the access point, and make sure the signal strength is good. Can also try to change the channel on the access point to a least-used one.

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    Just two device connected, my pc and my phone. My pc doesn't drop connection. I use my tp-link device as Universal Repeater so there is no options for changing channel. Also I tried it as bridge with ap mod same problem available to my phone. Actually I want give more details, I stay in a hotel and wifi signal is not good in my room and I bought a TL-WA901ND. In hotel corridors there are Trendnet TEW-735AP link is here https://www.trendnet.com/products/wi...N300/TEW-735AP so I connect to wifi via this device.

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    thx alot


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