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    Long range Outdoor WiFi

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    Can any one suggest me , which model of TP Link out door wireless device is suitable (2Km rane out door) for Wireless 8 and 4 (12 cameras)channel NVR system

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    1. Can you post a pic about your outdoor environment here? 2. How do the cameras distribute? 3. Do you just need to provide internet to all 12 IP cameras or also need Wi-Fi to cover an outdoor place?

    If you just want to provide internet to your cameras, you may refer to the layout as the attachment shows. If there is not much interference around, I would use WBS210+TL-ANT2415MS as the base station(backbone network) which can cover 2KM-5KM. And the Client side would be CPE210 which can cover 2-3KM. It should cover your distance.
    This is just a rough estimating and suggestion. Always remember never buy all the stuff before you make sure it works and fit your needs.

    If you would like to provide more details about your network and requirements, we shall discuss and determine a better solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajayp View Post
    Actually we are planning to provide wifi only from control room monitoring no need internet connectivity. Here I am giving the scenario
    What are the bandwidth requirements? Are Cams/Screens all in the same direction or at different places? If the latter, at which angle they are positioned relative to the control room?

    In general you should use a CPE510 for each Cam pair - so six CPE510 would be needed - and either two WBS510 base stations with TL-ANT5819MS sector antenna (120 antenna beam width) if 1/3 of maximum bandwidth would be o.k. for each Cam pair's data stream or up to six more CPE510 if you need total bandwidth for each Cam pair data stream. See the picture posted by Carat1, but replace the CPE/WBS210 by CPE/WBS510 for this amount of stations.

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    It's good!


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