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    No Deco as router vs. Deco as router

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    Dear community,

    I have recently bought two Deco M5 nodes and installed them as access points as shown below (I have wired everything and the Wi-Fi function of my router is disabled):

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    My question is what is the difference with respect to speed and functionality (apart from not being able to use anti virus and parental control) between my setup en the setup shown in the image below (when a third Deco functions as a router)? I have good speed in every corner of my apartment, however moving from one corner to another leads to a short lag in e.g. streaming or video-calls, when my Wi-Fi device reconnects from one access point to the other. Would the setup below overcome this problem?

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    I would appreciate an answer that is understandable to someone without too much IT experience (in other words, use examples).

    Thank you in advance!

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    There should be no difference between the the two connections. The wireless signal from Deco units are the same, so it depends how fast your clients can switch between signals. Normally clients can roaming between the signals, but it will disconnect from one first then connect to the other one, the interval time depends on your clients. Deco M5 supports 802.11 k&v which will recommend devices to switch to stronger signal, but your client needs to support 802.11k or 802.11v standard to achieve seamless connection in the Deco Wi-Fi system. If they does not support 802.11k or 802.11v standard, then normally roaming between signals(disconnect first then connect to the other).


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