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    SFP/SFP+ compatibility [T1700G]

    Model : T1700G-28TQ

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

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    Hi !

    I am planning to buy some TP-Link T1700G, which have 4 SFP+ ports.
    To interconnect these T1700, I naturally will use a GBIC, which is designed for SFP+, due to to higher transmission rate.
    But at the ends, I have SG3209 und SG3216 switches, which both have normal SFP ports (no 'plus').
    For this lower bandwidth, COULD I use a GBIC of type TL-SM311LM inside the T1700G??
    GBICs are not that cheap and I have several TL-SM311LM already, which could be used at one end of the fiber line.
    TL-SM311LM are not mentioned in the spec of the T1700G.

    Thanks anyway,

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    Generally, 1000BASE-X SFPs should work in a SFP+ port. Since SFP+ GBICs can't work with 1000BASE-X SFP GBICs on the other side of the fiber, the T1700G's SFP+ port must support SFP GBICs, too, since it's data sheet mentions the 1000BASE-X standard explicitly (under "cables").


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