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    TL-WA801ND connection difficulty

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    Hi, I have been using a TP-Link passthrough powerline starter kit to extend my computer from one area to another. Then connecting to a TL-WA801ND access point so I can wirelessly receive signal.
    It worked very well, but following a period of my absence, it no longer works. perhaps there was a power outage and I have lost my settings , I am not sure.
    The TP passthru kit has 3 green lights so I resume it is working. The TP-WA801ND also has 3 green lights?
    I have tried following instructions to reset it but cannot bring up the dialog box on my mac computor using
    I would appreciate some guidance.
    Cheers Rob

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    Could you please share the model number of the powerline adapters?
    First can connect your PC to the powerline adapter directly and make sure the adapters are still working. If not, maybe you need to reconfigure the powerline adapters first.
    If the powerline adapters are working fine, then can reset the TL-WA801ND, it is plug and play, should be working after reset.


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