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    keeping it simple

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    I recently purchased two TL-R600VPN one for home and one for work.
    For my first attempt on router A. i enabled PPTP server and gave it a range, I added a user/account and can successfully connect remotely using my tablet on a different ISP.

    my question is how do I setup the second TL-R600VPN Router B to connect to router A.. I don't see a client section in the setup pages..

    I am guessing i need a different router to act as a client.

    what I am trying to accomplish is to have Router B (Home) connect to Router A (Work).

    Then all the Devices that are connected to Router B will be able to access router A Devices/Computers and vice versa

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    You will need the site to site VPN, while the PPTP VPN of R600VPN can only support client to lan if I've got it right.
    You can refer to the IPSec VPN of R600VPN, it should satisfy your needs.

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    I tried IPSec but I couldnt figure out how to get it to autodial feature to keep the connections alive.
    If i use pptp or l2tp i can configure an autodial

    Maybe I am doing this all wrong what is the best solution for my needs
    I need to access a TCP/IP Device ( Lantronix UDS1100 ) on a bunch of different networks - 29 separate sites.
    I envisioned setting up each site with a UDS100 behind a Client VPN router behind the ISP router and have the client VPN just auto dial to the Server VPN at my office.
    I can do it with IPsec but I have to make a policy for each client and register each client on a Dynamic Host server ( because none of the sites have Static IP's ) and I have to log into the router and reconnect each of the VPN clients if the power goes out because I cant figure out how to autodial the IPsec vpn tunnel. here is a visual aid

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