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    Nc450 web view error

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    I upgraded my nc450 to firmware to 1.3.3 build 170906 rel. F31B04

    every since then I am unable to view camera from my computer when logging into my cloud account online.
    and selecting live view with chrome.
    I get this error.


    I know its online as I can access from phone.
    i CAN CONNECT DIRECTLY TO it with same computers when home.

    I did not have that problem before upgrading.

    I tried different computers and locations . win7 / win10
    Tried IE/chrome / edge
    firewall off

    Restarted Camera
    Checked settings

    My phone app works ok.

    Any suggestions on getting this to work again from my browser on a pc

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    Junior Member livingroomcamera97 is on a distinguished road
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    Hi, I encountered the same issue when the firmware was upgraded recently. It can be viewed using the mobile phone, however, the laptop/PC web cannot be accessed. Error message the same as you, ie NO INTERNET CONNECTION AVAILABLE. PLEASE CHECK YOU NETWORK..... I check my netweek, it is working fine and I can use the network to access other sites and function using the Internet...

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    seems to be working now

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