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    Unhappy TL-SG1024DE - rebooting every 8 seconds

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    We have TL-SG1024DE smart switch, which worked perfectly for approx one year.
    Switch is protected by UPS to avoid power problems.
    Today all computers in office have no internet, switch blinks LEDs in following pattern:

    #1 - All lights off (rebooting/resetting?).
    #2 - Lights switching on one-by-one for every connected UTP cable (booting/enabling links?). It takes few seconds while all links boots.
    #3 - Then all lights lights up for a second.
    And everything repeats again from #1.

    One cycle takes ~8 seconds.

    I disconnected all UTP cables, turn off power for ~10 minutes, get back - the same result, except that in #2 there are no lights, as there are no UTP cables connected.
    I tried to reset the device, by pressing reset button for ~5 seconds without success.

    Please advice, is it RMA issue, or can I do something myself?


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    In my opinion, this is RMA issue, like"Initial Bad",maybe caused by power adapter,flashd or chipset, you can't solve it by youself. You need contact with your retailer or tp-link according to warranty rules


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