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    Question TL-R480T+ PPPoE Query

    Model :

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    I use TL-R480T+ as my main router with DHCP and extends its LAN port by connecting to LAN side of low cost WiFI AP. (without DHCP)
    So my multiple laptops connect to WiFi AP and get IPv4 Address from
    TL-R480T+ main router.

    My users are my guests, as I run business center. They are there for a day or hours, but majorily for months.

    I want to use PPPoE now, so they can login using Password.

    Ques 1 : Can I do that with my above WiFi based topology ? Post WiFi SSID connection, what will happen ? Presently DHCP gets IPv4 assigned.
    Ques 2 : If I enable PPPoE, will automatic DHCP address allocation stops, otherwise any Laptop will anyway get LAN DHCP address ? Do I need to disable DHCP Server.
    Ques 3 : Any better way, when my guest connects to network, her connection should be prompted for login/password, typically done in hotspot or enterprise network for employee devices.


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    Q1: Yes, you can do that.
    Q2: You do not need to disable the DHCP. Just connect the PPPoE server using the account.
    Q3: What you mentioned should be called Web portal Authentication. It will be supported in V9of the R480T+.


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