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    Lightbulb IFTTT & Stringify supported now!

    Dear Forum Members
    Thank you for the continuous attention on TP-Link products.

    We are pleased to tell that our Kasa devices now support IFTTT & Stringify. You can create IFTTT applets or Stringify flows in specific platform to control your Kasa devices, supported action for each products contains:
    Plugs: ON/OFF
    Switches: ON/OFF
    Bulbs: ON/OFF; Brightness/Color Temperature/Color
    All models: Activate Scene

    Kindly note that using Kasa devices as triggers is not currently not accessible, but we will add the support of this function later. If you meet any problems using Kasa with IFTTT & Stringify during this time please leave your words here and we will pay attention to it.

    Below are some frequently Q&A for your reference. Also more FAQs will be updated later, please keep an eye on our official website.

    Thank you.
    TP-Link Customer Support
    Do I have to set up IFTTT when I sign up with Kasa?
    No, you are free to set-up IFTTT whenever you want. Begin the set-up by going to Devices, Select Add, Select Works with Kasa, and Select IFTTT. Proceed with the set up

    What do I need to sign up for IFTTT?
    You need either a Smart Plug, Bulb, or Switch as well as a Kasa Account. It is not possible without a Kasa Account and a compatible device.

    What devices are currently compatible?
    Currently, there is only support to control Smart Plugs, Smart Bulbs, and Smart Switches.

    How do I control my devices with IFTTT?
    You can control your devices with IFTTT by accessing the Set-Up guide by going to Devices, Add Device, Works with Kasa, and selecting IFTTT.

    How do I sign up for IFTTT?
    You can sign up on their website by accessing https://ifttt.com/join or via the mobile app on iOS or Android.

    When I try to connect Kasa through IFTTT, why doesn't it work?
    If the connection doesn't work, please check to see if you have devices connected to your Kasa account. The integration may not work if you have no active devices connected to the account.

    How do I disconnect my Kasa account from IFTTT?
    You must disconnect TP-Link Kasa through the IFTTT App itself. Go to the Service page, Select Settings, then Select Disconnect. This will also delete any Applets that require the service.

    I have Applets set up with IFTTT but they are not working?
    It is possible that Cloud Services are currently down and not operational. Please refer to both http://status.ifttt.com/ and http://www.tp-link.com/us/support/status.

    My devices are being controlled randomly, how do I make it stop?
    Check if you have any Kasa Schedules or Scenes enabled. After that, check all of the “Works with Kasa” Services (Stringify, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant) and by going directly to their applications and pinpoint the source of the problem.

    Why can’t I control my devices even though all cloud services are up and running?
    Go into the settings of each individual device and make sure that “Remote Control” of Device Control is enabled and toggled on.
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    Junior Member Chenavis is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2017
    I've updated app but IFTTT does not appear in the list

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    Junior Member davesheep is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2017
    This is brilliant! Thank you so much!

    I bought a bulb and a socket a few months ago and was disappointed with the lack of IFTTT hookup compared to other products. Managed to cobble stuff together using Webhooks but this will be much more accessible.

    To those struggling to get started, you'll need to turn remote control on for the devices you want to control, in the Kasa app.

    Next you go to the IFTTT website, sign in with your account. Search for Kasa and add a Kasa applet - you'll need to sign into your Kasa account to authorise IFTTT to send to your Kasa devices.

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    Junior Member kasrakh93 is on a distinguished road
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    I've updated app but IFTTT

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    I cant seem to get IFTTT to work to activate a scene on my LB120's. All the scenes show up in IFTTT correctly. The trigger fires but the scene never gets activated.


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