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    Way to find signal strength of each device

    Model : Deco M5

    Hardware Version : Version 1 (I believe)

    Firmware Version : 1.1.5

    ISP : Verizon

    I have my three devices stacked on all three floors, with the primary M5 in the basement (saving me a lot of space in the living room). The device on my top floor occasionally loses connectivity and flashes red. I've tried disconnecting it and checking bars with my phone and I get 4 bars. Now I'm not sure if the M5 is as sensitive on all both bandwidths as a $700 phone. Is there a way, or can it be added to the app, to see how much signal each device is receiving?
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    How about the M5 on the first floor? You may swap the M5 on the first floor with the one on the top floor to do a test. Or move the M5 on the top floor to another location, a more open, more central place.

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    It's a good idea and I've moved them around some, but I have devices attached to each and thus a limitation on where I can place them. If I could get signal strength reads, I could do a better job of positioning them and running cabling and such. Hard to put the effort into cabling when it might not work. And expensive.


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    I did have it that way at first, but wanted to move as many components as possible to the basement. It seems the system is working fairly well, if not for the drops in coverage resulting in red lights on the Deco units every so often. As a result, I'm using both ethernet ports on each M5 (two computers in my office, VOIP system and Roku in family room, and Verizon modem plus NAS in the basement) and it will be difficult to make changes that are too broad. So hoping they can offer a way to help us see how much signal there is on each channel to better situate each device.


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    Not sure if this will help or not but if you install Wifi connection manager form the Play store it will show you all the access points with signal strength and also the dBm. .


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