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    Using ONLY the modem on the M7350 [SOLVED]

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    I have a M7350 which is working fine. However it's WiFi range is somewhat limited. I also have a Mikrotik hAP ac lite router for the house which provides more than adequate coverage round the house. The Mikrotik also has a USB slot. I want to try and link up my M7350 via it's USB cable to the Mikrotik as a MODEM only and use the Mikrotik's WiFi router for the wireless stuff.

    I have some questions regarding this please:

    1. Has anyone tried this? Doesn't necessarily have to have been with a Mikrotik. Just using the M7350 as a modem and connecting to a WiFi router.

    2. How would I disable the Wireless function on the M7350 so that it doesn't clash with the Mikrotik?

    All help gratefully received with thanks.

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    The USB port on the M7350 is for you to access the SD card files or get internet on your pc after driver installed. I don't think it will work as a regular modem.
    you can disable Wireless SSID broadcast on its management interface on your phone or pc.

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    Thanks Enson for your response. MikroTik do an LTE modem/router for the home user. I guess I'll have to try that.

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    I just wanted to update this thread to let everyone know that I have successfully managed to use the USB connection of the M7350 to connect to the Mikrotik router. My detailed post is here:


    Although I recognise that this is very specific to the Mikrotik, it is worth noting that the M7350 via it's USB port can work as an LTE modem. Hope this helps someone.


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