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    Reset iPhone now no bulb

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    I had to reset my iPhone as a new phone. After resetting I then restored from a backup that I made earlier that day, when restored I can't see my smart bulb using the Kasa app. The bulb is in my Florida home and I am in NY. I know I have internet as my AC thermostat app is connected to my phone and is working. Please advise.

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    After the reset, did you login your cloud account on the Kasa app? If you successfully login, and the smart bulb has internet and with remote control enabled, should be able to see it.

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    Yes , I signed out and then signed in. It shows the bulb and when clicked on the error message states "your device may be powered off or out of network range". I know there is internet as my AC thermostat app is able to make adjustments to temperature settings and I know there is electricity as the AC is working.

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    Is it working now? I guess a factory reset would fix it

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    Thanks so much, i was able to reset my iPhone


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