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    Question WIFI Adapter required for energy meter but without internet/router

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    I going to install a energy meter in a house which has an RJ45 outlet - now I need to be able to connect a tablet/phone to this meter via wifi
    There will not be any internet connection to the house so basically just eco meter and wifi dongle/device

    I assume the meter will have a static address and the tablet/phone will have to enter this address into the browser(s) (Meter has a web interface)

    Can anyone recommend a TP-Link (All in one) device that can provide DHCP numbers to the tablet/phones so that people don't have to set there tablet/phones to static
    and be able to route IP traffic to the energy meter ?

    Needs to have some security access - info available not sensitive but don't want neighbours accessing/resetting values



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    If you connect the energy meter to the router through RJ45 outlet on the LAN port of the router, and connect your tablet/phone to the router WiFi, then your phone and the energy meter will all get IP addresses from the router, they will be in the same subnet. Even if you set a static IP address for the energy meter, as long as it's of the same subnet, they should be able to communicate. That's the easy way. but if you connect the energy meter to the WAN port of the router, or set a totally different IP address, it's complicated.


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