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    Lightbulb N300_EAP_170911_Beta: Fix the incompatibility issues between N300 EAP and XiaoMi or Galaxy S3,etc

    Dear forum members

    We are launching beta software tests here in this forum. Anyone that is interested in participating in the beta software testing and discussion is welcome.

    Please read the
    Beta Rules before participating the following beta test.

    Please evaluate this beta firmware and let us know if you have any suggestion and bug reports.

    In order to facilitate information gathering, you are recommended to post any comments about this beta in this thread.

    Beta Today:

    Date 2017/09/13
    Beta firmware N300_EAP_170911_Beta
    Applicable model EAP110, EAP115, EAP110-Outdoor,EAP120
    Modifications Fix the incompatibility issues between N300 EAP and XiaoMi or Galaxy S3,etc
    Download link http://static.tp-link.com/EAP110-Outdoor(UN)_V1_170911.zip
    File name TL-EAP110-OUTDOORv1_1.0.0_[20170911-rel53256]_up_signed.bin

    -- The software system of TP-LINK EAP series products is named
    EAP Controller.
    -- The firmware is applicable to
    EAP110(EN), EAP110(US), EAP110-Outdoor, EAP115 ,EAP120 respectively, please choose corresponding firmware to update.


    Fix the incompatibility issues between N300 EAPs and XiaoMi or Galaxy S3 cellphones,etc

    Users may have encountered issues of EAP 110 / EAP110-outdoor / EAP115 will automatically restart when XiaoMi or Galaxy S3 cellphone connects to the SSID with Voucher Authentication enabled.

    Internet ----- EAP(Centalized managed by EAP Controller) )))) Cellphone
    Note: The EAP device which have this issue contains EAP110, EAP115, EAP110-Outdoor, EAP120.

    The problem is that after we configure Voucher authentication on EAP 110 / EAP110-outdoor / EAP115/EAP120 via EAP Controller. Then the EAP will automatically restart when we use XiaoMi or Galaxy S3 cellphone to connect to the SSID.

    Anyone who encounters the above issue is recommended to upgrade their EAP devices to these beta. Besides, we will fix it on next official firmware.

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