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    PC interface for NC450 HD Pan/Tilt Camera ??

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    Is there a PC (Windows) based interface for the NC450 HD Pan/Tilt Camera available

    thanks , royjh

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    There is SD Card settings under Advanced settings of the camera's interface. I found it from their emulator http://www.tp-link.com/resources/sim...tor/index.html

    You can log into your camera's web interface to have a look. http://www.tp-link.sg/faq-817.html

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    Thanks Kevin. That is some help...I find the setup direction quite confusing needing multiple usernames and logins. It would be good if TP_LINK developed a direct Camera-PC control interface using home wireless LAN in addition to the cloud connection. Surely there is a simpler way!

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    Hi - I tried to enter the NC450 default username and password into the web page for the camera IP and it says the username does not exist and/or password is incorrect. It should be the default as I have never accessed that page before...Can anyone help me get this sorted?

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    Did you configure the camera through the app already? When you added the camera to the app the first time, it would ask you to create a username and password for the camera. Should use that to login.

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    The app did not ask for username/pwd. It was set up initially in local mode. I am not sure how to setup in the global mode again?? The documentation is somewhat out of date and confusing as it refers to PC based software in the installation guide.


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