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    Unhappy TD-W8970 Internet Connection fails with supported 3G USB modem.

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    I'm using this router in 3G connection sharing mode with USB internet key. The key is model Olicard 200 14.4 from Olivetti, which appears as "successfully identified" with PIN status "ready" in the 3G modem status page, so the router is supposed to support it. It has a Fastweb SIM so I set up the APN "datacard.fastweb.it" that Always worked with it. However it fails to connect to Internet.
    Scrolling the log, everything seems fine until the router send the connect command to the modem "ATDT *99# ^M^M": while it expects a "CONNECT" reply, it get "ERROR" instead.
    Since the key is labelled TIM and the SIM is Fastweb, I tried a couple of tests: 1) I put the modem with the Fastweb key directly on pc and the connection works; 2) I put a TIM SIM in the modem and connected it to the router: same ERROR message so it's not an operator/carrier issue but seem something between router and modem even if it appears as supported.
    Any help?

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    check the dial number, APN, username and password with Fastweb. If you login the router, go to Network>3G settings, set those info manually. On the other hand, you can also check the firmware version of the router. update it if it's not latest. btw, I don't see your 3G modem on the compatibility list.

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    Everything in the default Fastweb profile inside the router is correct: dial number *99# and APN datacard.fastweb.it. If I run the quick setup, it tries to load the H3G profile since the Fastweb network has an Agreement with H3G until recently. I tried both to switch to the default Fastweb profile, and to put manually the Fastweb APN in the H3G profile (the dial number is the same). I also tried a TIM sim with the TIM profile, i get the same error in all cases. Firmware is the latest. I know it's not in the compatibility list but is detected as "successfully identified".


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