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    TL-9020P how to update all devices?

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    So, I want to upgrade the firmware on my TL-9020P. I gave 2 devices, one emitter and one receptor.
    I've read on this forum that it is strongly advised to upgrade a device only when it is connected directly with an ethernet cable. Receptor device is, so it wont be an issue.
    But for the emitter, should I unplug it, bring it to my PC and plug it there?
    Secondary question, should I upgrade both devices before reconnect them?


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    yes,it is better upgrade the emitter like the receptor.

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    Just upgrade one then swap them over. They don't have to both be upgraded to work.

    If you upgrade over the network it seems to fail quite often and leave the device bricked. Then you have to use the recovery utility via Ethernet.


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