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    Connected to wifi - but won't see Kasa?

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    Recently bought a smart plug - and am attempting to set it up. I've followed the instructions to the letter - and the static green lights imply that it's connected to the network correctly - but the app states that it's unable to connect to the device? It lets me name the plug and pick an icon, but doesn't seem to want to connect to the device.Anyone know why?

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    Green wifi light on the plug indicates that it has joined in a workable wifi network. Try to close and repoen the kasa app, or sign out and sign in your kasa account again. If the plug still won't show up n the devices list within KASA, check if your samrphoen is connected to the same 2.4G wifi as the plug then check if you have enable the AP isolationon the router.

    If needed, perform a factory reset and set up again from scratch. Go to settings on the phone, check if you can pick up and connect to the plug's default SSID before folowing the configuration stpes http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-946.html


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