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    tp link wa850re problem with wifi login

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    Hello everybody...

    i'll get straight to the point.

    I have been using a wa850re some months ago with no problem.Two iMac computers and iPhone/Android platforms as well...
    i decided to expand my network because in some areas the signal is not strength.
    i add a new tp link wa850re which i easily made the configuration to the main router.
    i can login into the new repeater from my iPhone via wifi and the iMac computers via ethernet and surf to the internet normally, but when i try to connect via wifi from the imacs, i can find the network but it doesn't accept the password.

    i managed to to re-configure both repeaters form scratch and disable in both repeaters the DHCP Server, but again the same problem.

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    I remove the wifi password from the main router and to the repeater wa850re.And i could then login from my computer.So i guess it's not a DHCP problem.

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    Do you have the same issue with the first range extender? Check the firmware version of the new repeater, make sure it's latest. Or maybe change the SSID of the new repeater.

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    The first extender works perfeclty.Firmware is already at latest version.I tried different SSID's at the new but nothing yet.it's really annoying.


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