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    SSL connexion only working on 1 line out of 4

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    I need help !!! We have a tplink tl-r480t+ load balancer with 4x 20Mbps upload optical routers connected to it.
    The www.speedtest.net gives out a 79Mbps upload result which is excellent... but when we are using a software that uses a secured connexion (eg Aspera) we only get 19 Mbps (the equivalent of only one line).
    Strangely enough, when we connect 2 computers to the tplink we get 19 Mbps on each one concurrently but never more.But If I use a ftp software I can get the 79 Mbps guessing it doesn't use a secure line.
    How can I get the sum of all 4 lines on upload using a secure connexion ?
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    I think the secure connection can only use one of the 4 lines. It should be the security mechanism of the SSL.

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    surely there must be a way use all 4 lines on a secure line, maybe with another load balancer model ? Anyone ?


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