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    TD-W9977. Unable to disable router PIN and firmware confusion.

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    I recently acquired a TP-Link TD-W9977 and am generally happy with it. I have, however, run into a couple of different issues that I have questions about.

    1. It seems not possible to disable the router PIN under Wireless --> Advanced --> Router PIN?

    When I attempt this the "doing something" animation is displayed, but it hangs and stays enabled.
    Interestingly enough the same hang occurs on the router firmware emulator page:

    2. Since this might get down to what firmware version is involved, my firmware version, copied from the router's admin page is: Firmware Version:0.1.0 0.9.1 v006f.0 Build 161202 Rel.49901n

    My first comment is that this is one awfully convoluted firmware version. About the only part of that firmware version that seems to make some kind of sense is the Build number, which simply appears to be the date. e.g., 161202 is Dec 02, 2016.

    I previously tried updating to the apparently "only" firmware version on the TP-Link site:
    Firmware Version:0.1.0 0.9.1 v006f.0 Build 161123 Rel.53386n

    BUT, my router rejects the firmware. I presume that this is because the build on that firmware is 161123 (Nov 23, 2016) and is therefore an earlier build. I am just guessing based on the behavior I am seeing.

    Some clarification on firmware an which firmware really is the latest version (and if it's the one on the TP-Link site, why my router refuses to use it) would be great! Also if there's only one version, why different routers (of the same model) seem to have different versions?

    The main issue here, however, is not being able to disable the router PIN. Hopefully this can be fixed at some point, or is there possibly a work around that I could leverage now?

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    The router PIN can only allow to be enabled or disabled when the WPS is ON. If you have turn off the WPS, then no need to worry about the PIN

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    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the response.

    That is not what I am seeing in both the actual router and the on-line emulator. The router PIN cannot be disabled, period. It is always enabled (in the user interface).

    Now, if it so happens that when disabling WPS function in the user interface it also disables the effect of the router PIN then great, but the user interface is certainly not presented in a way that would make that situation clear. If this is what you mean by "If you have turn off the WPS, then no need to worry about the PIN" then great. I hope that is really the case.


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    I'm also confused about the firmware versions; the router appears to have shipped with a newer version than available via the support page.

    Also having the same behaviour with the PIN. There's also a bug preventing enabling of "Traffic Statistics".
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    Yeah the version number for the firmware is something you might expect from a steering committee, rather than something based upon user experience and simplicity.

    Like you, I fail to understand how my router can have different firmware if only one version exists.

    Good luck to us all figuring out how to get an update for KRACK and which (if any) firmware update is the right one to install. It might boil down to buying a new router from a vendor that doesn't have so much trouble labeling (and managing) firmware versions.
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