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    Using 2 RE305 extenders

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    Hi - I'm trying to use 2 Re305s - one connected to an EE Brightbox router to send broadband electrically round the house and the other to pick up the 5ghz signal and send it to an Ethernet connected device. I'm getting bogged down by the technical language in the manual - am I right in thinking that I have to renumber one of them? Is there something else I need to do here? Thanks

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    Do you connect the second extender to the first extender's wifi? If they connect like that, the connection will be unstable and gets slow speed.
    Normally just connect both of them to the router, and when you set up the second one, you can unplug the first extender, just make sure the second extender is connected to the router but not the first extender.
    BTW, what do you mean by renumber one of them?


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