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    Can't find QoS in TS-MR6400

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    I have just bought a brand new TS-MR6400 V2 LTE router.
    I was very excited to the new router, but I can't find QoS feature in the interface.
    I know that it is my responsibility as I didn't check before paying.
    However, may I ask if the support team is going add such feature in the future update?

    If not, how may i request for it or may I ask for the source code for TS-MR6400 V2 ?
    (I could only find V1 source code in the GPL code center.)

    Thanks in advanced.

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    I also found it does not appear to have QOS in the modem's admin menu, even though I would have liked it and saw it advertised on several retail sites as having QOS, and even at the TP-Link website:

    These are my modem's versions:
    Firmware Version: 1.0.12 Build 170330 Rel.60752n
    Hardware Version: MR6400 v2 00000000

    I anyone can enlighten us as to how to find/use QOS on this modem, please let us know.

    Here is a quote from the product specs on the website linked above:
    Traffic Control(IP QoS)
    3G/4G Router, Wireless Route

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