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    TL-WA855RE V2 AP Mode problem

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    I'm using a TL-WA855RE V2 in access point mode, it's connected to a main router by ethernet cable.
    My computer is connected to the net extender by WiFi. When I try to watch a video stream, the connection is unstable and video is buffering all the time.
    I've checked a cable by connecting it directly to my computer and it works okay. Moreover, on the other computer which is connected directly to my router I opened a ping test to the network extender IP. When I starts a video, a lot of packets are lost (approx. 30%).

    Could you tell me where the problem could be?
    I have the newest firmware from the TP-LINK website.


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    Downloading or streaming occupies much of bandwidth, when this happen, the connection will be slow and unstable. That is normal. If it is working fine when you surf webpages normally, maybe your bandwidth is not enough for downloading.
    How about if you connect to the router directly and watch same video? If you still have same issue, that could be the router issue.


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