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    Tp-Link TL-PA4010P compatibility woth other poowerline brands

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    Previously I bought 2 powerline adapters name Prolink Powerline PP 1500. Standards compatible with HomePlug AV and AV 2. (Attached is the picture of the specs) I've been tried linking my Prolink powerline with my new Tp-link powerline. But so far I cannot access the internet through Tp-link. I've tested the Tp-link and they work fine if connected independently to modem and computer. Are Prolink and Tp-link powerline compatibles? And if so how to pair? So far I've managed to make the Tp-link power light, powerline light, and network light on. But cannot access internet.
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    You need to pair your added adapter(s) into the existing PLC network. I recommend you use the pushbutton method.


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