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    HS200 Disable Physical Switch?

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    Hi all-

    I tried searching but couldn't find anything on this. My guess is the answer is no but figure I'll ask anyway. I have an HS200 wall switch that controls outside lights. I have it set on a sunset/sunrise timer but I'd ideally like to disable the physical switch button so that it can't override the schedule (i.e. somebody hitting it at night and turning off the outdoor lights). Is this possible within KASA? Would be a nice feature if not.


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    I had a similar requirement - an outside motion light controlled by an HS200. It's by the door so can be annoying when it's a windy night or there are critters about so it can be turned off manually.

    I don't think the HS200 can do this on it's own yet and it would be a nice feature. Using my own app (AutomationManager) I have mine come on when it's dark and if turned off manually it'll stay off for 60 minutes then turn back on. Till dawn and then it's off all day. Another idea might be to use IFTTT - when the light turns off turn it back on, but it'll be tricky to have it happen only at night.


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