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    Archer VR900 V1 connection problems

    Model : Tp-link Archer VR900

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : latest

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hi, I've had an Archer VR900 V1 for about a year now and used it successfully on Sky adsl broadband and since moving about 3 weeks ago on BT adsl. Now we've just recently been switched on to fibre (Bt infinity,vdsl) and switching from my hh6 to the Vr900 it just won't connect. Have got the latest firmware, have tried quick setup via bt vdsl etc but when it gets to connection test it says sorry can't connect please check your phone line. I've tried various things I've read online but always says can't connect check your phone line. From what I gather from reading on the Internet its for some reason not finding the vdsl signal. I've tried different phone cables still no joy. And anyway it's straight from my Home hub 6 which works fine so don't understand why it's not working it works when I had adsl, I was using it up until I got infinity a couple of days ago. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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    If the telephone line is plugged directly into VR900, try this http://uk.tp-link.com/faq-735.html on change DSL modulation type step, you can force it to VDSL2. When the DSL light is on solid on VR900, you have to configure VDSL for it and enable the VLAN ID if needed for ISP.

    If the phone line goes into BT home hub6, then Ethernet cable from home hub6 to VR900, you need to change the operation mode from default DSL Modem Router Mode to Wireless Router Mode.

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    Thanks Anton, though I spoke with tp link technical support they tried to help get it working but couldn't so I'm expecting a replacement tomorrow. So hopefully it was the router, we did try g.dmt etc but wouldn't go solid on any of the different dsl types. Hopefully the new one will be fine, Thanks for the reply.
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    Well just got the replacement back and still cannot connect, xdsl light just flashes. Just looked at my Homehub settings and i see the modulation type i have is G.993.2 Annex B , so which dsl modulation one should work on the vr900? does it support Annex B?

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    VR900 does not support Annex B. Confirm with BT it's annex B or not before you replace or return the router. I don't know BT UK has annex b

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    Hi, when I go into my BT home hub 6 settings it says modulation G.993.2 annex B.Will the version 2 Vr900 support it? If not which tp link modem/router supports it? I bought the Vr900 as it said it supported Sky/BT ads, vdsl normal and fibre connections??Speaking to RMA they said they will send me a version 2 is this gonna work?


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