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    Thumbs up Archer MR200: no 3G/4G connection (roaming)

    Model : Archer MR200

    Hardware Version : Archer MR200 v1 00000001

    Firmware Version : 0.9.1 1.1 v004a.0 Build 160905 Rel.60037n

    ISP : Orange (France)

    Hi all,

    I have a new Archer MR200 to replace my D-Link 3G/4G router (DWR-921).
    I have a french "Orange" 4G SIM card (additional SIM card, data only) and I am currently in Spain.
    When I use the MR200 (with both data and roaming activated), it fails to connect to the 3G/4G network (it says "unknown failure reason").
    On the box, I see the 4 signal bars lighted, and in the interface I can see that it got 2 profiles (APN, etc) updated from Orange (Spain)... but still, it fails to connect.
    Going back to the D-Link modem/router, everything works.

    On the MR200, firmware is up to date. MR200 is in the EU version (V1).

    My questions are:

    - how can I get more info on what is going on? System log stays empty, not really helpful.
    - Does the router need to be connected without roaming first?
    - Why doesn't the router see other networks around ? It only shows "Orange" but there are at least 4 other operators around here (with strong signal) I can connect to.

    Also, I tried to check the 3G/4G compatibility list, but the MR200 does not show up in the list.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Sorry for the fomatting ; all new lines have been removed when I posted.

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    I'm getting a spanish SIM card to do more tests.

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    Hi all,

    I did a quick test with a Spanish SIM card (SIM card from 'Orange' in Spain; I wish I could do a test with another ISP, but that is all I was able to get): my MR200 connected to the 4G network I soon as I entered the PIN; all good.

    I reverted to any of my 3 french SIM cards (Orange): none of them work in the MR200 (still get the 'unknown failure reason' message, and nothing in the logs).

    a) Has anyone ever tried roaming connection with the MR200?

    b) Can it be that the MR200 is confused by the operator's name ('Orange') that is identical in both countries, and fails to activate the roaming correctly?

    c) I also remind to the TP-Link people that since May 2017, there are no more roaming charges in Europe and that anyone with a European SIM is free to connect to any European operator when abroad.
    My MR200 does not offer me the possibility to switch to another operator, is this linked to point b)?

    d) Where can I get more information on what is going on? System log stays empty, which is not helping.

    Any help appreciated,

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    Does anyone from TP-Link actually read this forum ?
    I'll also try my luck with the support...

    Can anyone please help me ? Otherwise I have to organise sending back this router if it does not work properly...

    Best regards,

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    I contacted the support (TP-Link France) via email (phone support is not free, and I am abroad) today 13rd of September 2017.
    Let's see if I get a reply quicker than here.

    Best regards,

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    I just sent an email directly to the support team (support.fr@tp-link.com) because I did not receive any confirmation from the contact form from the website after 4 hours.

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    Still no news from support team after a full week. Sad.

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    Bye bye!

    Dear TP-Link,

    Thank a lot for all the efforts you made to NOT answer any of my requests.

    Forum => NO ANSWER
    Contact form (tp-link.fr) => NO ANSWER
    Email to support (support.fr@tp-link.com) => NO ANSWER

    I feel offended by your behaviour.
    I'm returning this MR200, I do not want to lose more time with you, TP-Link.

    I've just bought a D-Link DWR-953, which should be a nice upgrade to my working DWR-921.

    Bye !

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    Hi all!

    Here's the 2-step solution if you need 4G roaming on your MR200:

    1) Get a D-Link DWR-953
    2) Return your TP-Link MR200

    I'm writing this from the DWR-953, it's been working great since yesterday.
    I can do network scans (Yeah!) and choose the network operator, just like you would expect from any 3G/4G device.

    Best regards,
    Pierre-Olivier Vallès


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