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    which is correct type of PLC for IP CCTV cameras

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    Hi people.

    I have not used PLC devices before , can i be advised which are the most reliable devices that will not go into standby / powersaving mode when used with IP cameras ?

    I have 150 metres of power cable where i will have 2 IP cameras at one end and the NVR at the other .

    which 2 port devices can maintain the connection 100 % reliably ?

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    The standy mode on the PLC devices can be turn off through the tpPLC utility. You can find the utility on TP-LINK websites.

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    Powersaving mode is entered only if the connected device drops its LAN connection - in other words, only if and when the connected device enters its own standby mode AND this standby mode is not a form of "connected standby", like a PC with wake-on-LAN capability. The LAN port on the connected device needs to be truly off for PLC powersave mode to happen.

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    The answer would more likely depend on how many cameras / what resolution and capture rate - i.e. how total much bandwidth you are going to need. If cost is not an issue best to get the fastest (9020 range) - and update to the 3.2.4 firmware (they are not stable with the currently shipping version). I run 4 x 3MP Axis cameras at 20fps / minimum compression (~ 8MB/s) without issue on those across a fairly large house and have bandwidth to do other things as well.


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