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    TL-WR841N Very Slow Upload Speed

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    Hopefully someone can help.

    I am having trouble stabilising my upload speed on a wired connection. I have 12MB upload download speed but can only upload at around 500kbs? My neighbour is with the same ISP and they are getting around 4MB upload with same download figures. I live in Spain and my Espanol esta no Bueno so they don't understand me when I call my ISP for help.

    Please can someone help??

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    You posted in wrong place. it should be Forum >For Home > Wi-Fi Router >300Mbps & 450Mbps Wireless Routers.
    Anyway, my suggestion is, connect the PC directly to your modem for the same test, so that you can tell it is the modem or the router slow down the speed. http://uk.tp-link.com/faq-1077.html


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