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    Using the CPE510 & Periodical long ping-times

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    We are using the CPE510 without security options. When I am doing a ping-test I can see, that about every 10-20 ping one or two very long ping times are coming with over 200ms. It is always the same behaviour.

    How can I detect the reason for this? How could I improve it?

    FritzBox7490 - CPE510 - 1.2km - CPE510 - FritBox7490 - myNotebook
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    Which ping? From notebook to elsewhere, from notebook to Fritz!Box, from Fritz!Box to Fritz!Box or from CPE to CPE? A bit more information would be needed to answer this question.

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    While we're at it you might as well provide quality stats for your link, i.e. SNR, achieved MCS, b/g/n broadcast mode.

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    Hi There,

    I think that the mainly reason may be the distance between the two AP. And actually, as long as it didn't infect your normal use, I think the ping test won't need to pay too much attention.
    You can pay attention to the packet lost rate of the ping reset, and if the packet lost rate is too high, then it will effect normal data transmission.
    If it have influenced your normal use, I suggest you to switch to another channel or narrow the bandwith and have a try.
    The CPE itself is equipped with spectrum scanning, you can run the scanning and choose a channel with the lowest noise.


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